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Construction Consulting

Everyone Can Achieve Corporation, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, serves as a beacon for fostering inclusivity and diversity. Our construction consultant services provide a comprehensive platform tailored to empower Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and Diverse Businesses, seamlessly integrating them into the industry while advocating for equitable access to contract opportunities. Through specialized training programs and targeted support initiatives, we help pave the way for underrepresented businesses to flourish, ensuring that each participant is equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to excel in the competitive construction landscape

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Construction Inspection

"At ECA, our Construction inspection services provide comprehensive oversight and evaluation throughout the construction process to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, project specifications, and safety protocols. Our Inspectors assess materials, workmanship, structural integrity, and adherence to blueprints and building codes, monitoring construction progress and documenting any deviations or deficiencies. They ensure subcontractors and construction crews follow approved plans and procedures for smooth project execution and timely completion. Our services also include quality control checks, material tests, and inspections of critical systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC to ensure proper installation and functionality. Overall, our construction inspection services offer essential oversight and assurance to stakeholders, including project owners, developers, architects, and regulatory agencies, to ensure projects meet required standards, specifications, and safety regulations."

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General Labor

General laborers play crucial supporting roles in various settings such as warehouses and construction sites, assisting in tasks like debris cleanup, scaffolding erection, and material transportation. Their duties include working alongside tradespeople, using power tools and machinery, and ensuring adherence to safety protocols. While formal education isn't typically required, physical stamina, coordination, and a commitment to safety are essential qualities. The job may involve handling heavy loads and using power tools, making familiarity with such equipment beneficial. Apprenticeships or specialization can be advantageous but are not mandatory. Concrete laborer responsibilities may involve designing and building forms, setting them up, and pouring concrete. Overall, general laborers are sought for their ability to perform manual tasks diligently and uphold safety standards.



Traffic Control

Everyone Can Achieve, Corp (ECA) prioritizes safety and environmental concerns above all else, adhering to the guidelines set forth by OSHA, ATSSA, and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). ECA ensures that all its flaggers are accompanied by a competent person who can identify and rectify any hazards present, and are trained comprehensively in various safety protocols, traffic control procedures, communication techniques, and hazard recognition. Safety is demonstrated through controlled traffic, proper attire including high-visibility apparel and protective gear, and adherence to strict protocols while on duty. Employees are required to remain vigilant, refrain from multitasking, maintain communication, and position themselves safely away from traffic. Basic flagger training includes specific procedures such as signaling to traffic, maintaining visibility, and proper positioning, with emphasis on safety measures during both day and night operations. ECA believes that these standards can be achieved by strictly adhering to safety protocols and training requirements outlined by relevant authorities.

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Traffic Control

The Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Supervisor oversees and manages traffic within construction project areas, ensuring safety and access for the public. Responsibilities include planning and coordinating traffic control efforts, supervising personnel, allocating resources effectively, and maintaining communication with relevant stakeholders. Additionally, the supervisor assists in developing maintenance programs and policies, conducts reviews for process improvement, and provides technical assistance as needed. Qualified candidates typically have prior experience in MOT supervision, with proficiency in organizing and executing traffic control procedures. Physical demands include standing for extended periods, manual dexterity for operating tools and equipment, and the ability to lift heavy objects. The work environment is primarily outdoors, subject to varying weather conditions and exposure to construction-related hazards. Special requirements include possessing a valid driver's license and maintaining an Advanced Maintenance of Traffic Certification.

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