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Corporate Social Commitments



Apprenticeship Program:

     Our goal is to pioneer a nationally recognized apprenticeship program that creates opportunities in the construction Maintenance of Traffic Field. Once implemented, this will include and promote flaggers into Traffic Control Technicians and Supervisors. 


Social Equity Opportunity Program:

     Hard-to-Hire (OJT) Program: ECA understands that if you want to Level The Playing Field of a broken system you must find a way to Stand with those that have made MISTAKES in LIFE. ECA stands by the side of individuals considered risk hires! We have developed a Substantial in-house Education, Training, and Transition (OJT) Program for anyone seeking to advance in their MOT career.


Social Economic Community Impact Program:

        We encourage making an Economic Community Impact through sustainable homeownership. This produces a long-lasting commitment to household and community.


Social Innovation Program (Entrepreneurship):

     ECA is DelDOT DBE of the Year 2020 and understands the need for more talented disadvantaged persons becoming business owners. Overworked and underfunded shouldn’t be the end of a vision. With Social Innovation, we inspire to tap into skills and allow room for personal professional growth.


ECA Making Lives Better!!!

      ...I met Earl while being homeless and was introduced to ECA in 2014. I worked on projects such as construction and apartment refurbishments. After 2 years of work ECA help me to go to college for B. A. ECA has proving that Everyone Can Achieve. Thank You ~ E.H

      ...Striving to survive in the work force with multiple Felony, the only doors that opened to me was a temp agency. I needed something else. Paying child support and raising a child on my own wasn’t easy, then I met the owners of ECA. I thought Everyone Can Achieve was a strange name for a Construction company, but I was hired and given the opportunity to grow within. A year later I can now pay my bills in my own place with ease, save money and work on my credit to buy a home in another year. Thanks to ECA with prevailing Wage jobs, I now feel free of the burden of life’s shackles. Thank you ECA ~ M.C

      ...I was in banking for over 20yrs, and I wasn't happy, so I looked into Flagging and thought I'll give it a shot. The first company I worked for was horrible to say the least but then I heard about ECA. They took a chance with me and ECA has change my life for the better. They believed in me and has given me the opportunity 

to be their 1st female Crew Leader for the Company. ECA I truly thank you. ~ M.R "Crew Leader" 


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