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In compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (41 USC 701) Everyone Can Achieve LLC. certifies a drug-free workplace for all employees. In doing so Everyone Can Achieve LLC. asserts the following:

**Refer to the ECA “Zero Drug Policy” received.



Everyone Can Achieve LLC reserves the right to conduct drug and substance abuse screening, on a pre-employment and post-employment basis in compliance with all Federal and State Laws governing the use of such programs.

**Refer to the ECA “Zero Drug Policy” received.



The law treats alcoholism differently than drug abuse. A person disabled by alcohol is entitled to the same protection from job discrimination as any other person with a disability. However, Everyone Can Achieve LLC. retains the right to evaluate the effects that the disability has on job performance. Everyone Can Achieve LLC. will discipline, discharge, or deny employment to an alcoholic, if the person’s performance or conduct is so severely affected by alcohol usage that he or she is not qualified to do the job.



Once a conditional job offer is made, Everyone Can Achieve LLC. reserves the right to require successful completion of medical examinations and request information about previous illnesses, disease, or medications. This is done in order to determine that the candidate has the physical and mental qualifications needed to perform their job and without posing a direct threat to his or her health or safety or that of others. If the conditional job offer is withdrawn based on the results of the exam or inquiry, Everyone Can Achieve LLC. will show that:

  1. The reasons were job related and consistent with business necessity, or the candidate was excluded to avoid a direct threat to health and safety.

  2. No reasonable accommodation could be made, or such an accommodation would cause undue hardship.



Everyone Can Achieve LLC. treats medical file information as confidential. Information disclosed may include:

  1. Information to management about necessary restrictions on an employee’s duties and about necessary accommodations where applicable.

  2. Information to first aid and safety workers about a disability that may require emergency treatment and about specific procedures that are needed if the workplace must be evacuated provide medical information required by government officials and by insurance companies that require medical exam for health or life insurance.

  3. Medical files will be kept in separate file from non-medical files in a locked cabinet. The custodian of these files will be the Director of Human Resources.

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